Vomperberg im Herbst
Vomperberg im Herbst
The Vomperberg lies in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps, on the north side of the Inn Valley. It is the place on earth where people are at work to develop a new, better, happy humanity.

This development of humanity is all the more needed because we have now come into an uncontrollable situation due to the way we act, into a distress from which we can no longer escape by our usual and known means.

Any change of direction in a human society, however, can only begin with the personal change of the individual; for our general evolution is made up of all our individual human decisions, and these must be taken in the laws of nature, that is, also in the knowledge of them, so that they may harmoniously complement each other and no longer work destructively against each other. Up to now, though, man has often placed himself like a grain of sand in a wheelwork, and then wondered why mischief arose.

Yet peaceful coexistence can only be achieved by perfecting oneself individually.

The prerequisite for right personal decisions is knowledge of the laws of nature – thus, of God’s laws – and a free look upward, so that one can turn to God who created this whole wonderfully functioning reality. Therefore, peace, happiness and edification come of themselves when one adapts to His laws. And everyone who is of good will can do this, just as he can contribute his share to the great common work.

This is why we offer support at Vomperberg.com through lectures that should serve to clarify unsolved questions and thus to recognize the laws of nature.



Perfect is God the Lord! Perfect is His Will, which is in Him and which issues from Him in order to produce and maintain the Work of Creation! Perfect, therefore, are also the laws that permeate Creation according to His Will!

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: The Resurrection of Christ’s Physical Body