Vomperberg im Herbst
Vomperberg im Herbst
There is no division between this world and the so-called beyond, but all is only one single immense existence. The whole mighty Creation, visible and invisible to man, gears together like an amazingly ingenious, never-failing mechanism; it does not function separately. Uniform Laws support the whole, penetrating everything like nerve-strands, holding it together and affecting each other in constant action and reaction!

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: Responsibility

Before going into this subject more deeply, I want to explain what spirit, as the only really living part in man, is. Spirit is not wit, and not intellect! Nor is spirit acquired knowledge. It is erroneous, therefore, to call a person “rich in spirit” because he has studied, read and observed much and knows how to converse well about it, or because his brilliance expresses itself through original ideas and intellectual wit.

Spirit is something entirely different. It is an independent consistency, coming from the world of its homogeneous species, which is different from the part to which the earth and thus the physical body belong. The spiritual world lies higher, it forms the upper and lightest part of Creation. Owing to its consistency, this spiritual part in man bears within it the task of returning to the Spiritual Realm, as soon as all the material coverings have been severed from it. The urge to do so is set free at a very definite degree of maturity, and then leads the spirit upwards to its homogeneous species, through whose power of attraction it is raised.

Spirit has nothing to do with the earthly intellect, only with the quality which is described as “deep inner feeling” (“Gemuet”). To be rich in spirit, therefore, is the same as “having deep inner feelings” (“gemuetvoll”), but not the same as being highly intellectual.

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: Once Upon a Time…!

The so-called “inner voice”, the spiritual part of man, to which he can listen, is the intuitive perception.

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: The Inner Voice


 “Watch and pray” is a figurative rendering of the admonition to keep the ability to perceive intuitively on the alert, i.e., to keep the spirit active! Spirit in its true sense, and not the activity of the brain, for the way the living human spirit expresses itself is only and solely through the intuitive perception! In no other way does the spirit of man, i.e., the original kernel which evolved into his true “ego” in the course of its wanderings through Subsequent Creation, become active.

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: Watch and Pray!

… If I want to investigate the earth, I must adapt myself to its nature. If, on the contrary, I wish to explore the sea, I have no choice but to adapt myself to the nature of water and to use such aids as conform to that.

To tackle water with spade and shovel or with drilling machines would not carry me far in my investigations. Or should I perhaps deny the existence of water because my spade passes right through it, contrary to what happens when I place it in the more familiar solid earth? Or because I cannot walk upon water as I do upon solid earth?

Opponents will declare: “But that is different, for I can both see and feel that water exists, and nobody can deny it!”

How long ago was it that man energetically denied the existence of myriads of colourful organisms in a drop of water, which every child now knows about? And why was their existence denied? Only because man could not see them! It was not until an instrument adapted to their nature had been invented that man could recognise, see and observe this new world.

The same applies to the Ethereal World, the so-called beyond. First learn to perceive, and then you may permit yourself to judge! It rests with you, not with the “other world”! Apart from your physical body you also have the substance of the other world within you, while those in the beyond no longer possess your gross material substance.

You demand and expect that those in the beyond, who no longer have gross matter at their disposal, should approach you (give signs, etc.). You wait for them to prove their existence to you, who have at your disposal the substance of the beyond as well as your physical substance, while you yourself sit waiting with the attitude of a judge!

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: Spiritism

But the moment he boldly uses all the abilities which lie dormant within him awaiting his call, to help in his ascent, he is employing the talent entrusted to him in accordance with his Creator’s Will, and will easily overcome all obstacles that seek to divert him.

Therefore awake! Genuine faith lies only in conviction, and conviction comes solely through an inflexible weighing and examining! See that you are truly alive in the wonderful Creation of your God!

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: For your Guidance!

In all Creation there is no justification whatever for mysticism! There is no room for it, because everything should lie clearly and without gaps before the human spirit, right back to its origin. Only what is above that will have to remain a most sacred mystery to every human spirit.

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: Errors

Life on earth must be really experienced if it is to have any purpose! Only what has been inwardly lived through in all its heights and depths, what has been thoroughly perceived in one’s intuition, only that may one truly call one’s own! If a man could always clearly know from the very outset the exact course that would benefit him, there would be no occasion for him to weigh and decide. Hence he could acquire neither the strength nor the independence that are absolutely necessary for him.

As it is, he takes every situation of his earth-life with greater realism. Every genuine experience leaves a firm imprint upon his intuition, upon the immortal part which, newly fashioned by these impressions, man takes over with him as his own, as a part of himself. But only that which he has really experienced, for all else is extinguished at physical death! That which has been experienced remains, however, as the clear extract of his earthly existence, as his gain.

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: The Mystery of Birth


The process of dying in itself is nothing but birth into the Ethereal World, similar to the process of birth into the Gross Material World. After the separation the ethereal body remains attached to the physical body for a time as if with a navel cord. The higher the soul now born into the Ethereal World has already developed itself towards this Ethereal World during its life on earth, the looser this cord will become.

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: Death

You do not honour God by blindly believing in things that are not in accordance with the Primordial Laws of Creation! On the contrary, if you believe in the Perfection of the Creator, then you must know that nothing can happen here in Creation that does not also precisely conform to the logical sequence in the firmly established Laws of God. Only therein can you truly honour Him.

He who thinks otherwise thus doubts the Perfection of the Creator, his God! For where alterations or further improvements are possible, there is not and never has been perfection! Development is something different. This is provided for and intended in this Creation. However, it must follow unconditionally as a logical sequence of the effect of already existing Laws.

Abdrushin, IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH: The Star of Bethlehem

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